Effective January 01, 2024, IFE Americas, Inc. successfully launched the INxSQL ERP system from Integrated Inventory Solutions, a Michigan-based company specializing in ERP systems for fastener manufacturers and distributors. We extend our gratitude to Brandi Bertoia and the INxSQL team for their support in making the launch a success and for their continued assistance in ensuring a smooth transition.

Jennifer LamontIn addition to implementing the new ERP system, IFE Americas, Inc. also welcomed Jennifer LaMont as our new office manager in Q4 of 2023. With the addition of more staff, a new larger building, and now a new ERP system, IFE has established a solid foundation to support our growing business.

As part of our expansion plan, we are excited to announce that we will be hiring an additional inside sales person in Q2 of 2024 to further strengthen our growing sales team. We look forward to continuing our growth and providing exceptional service to our valued customers.

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