Dear valued partners,

As you are likely aware, 2021 has brought unprecedented global supply chain challenges. IFE has certainly been impacted by these events. I am writing to offer updates on our efforts to support our customers and state our commitment to continue to support our business partners.

We have read reports that the port congestion is improving, and that major US ports expect to have the backlog of unloaded container ships resolved by August. I had the opportunity to visit some West Coast Ports last week and could see that they are making progress to eliminate the backlog of container ships waiting to be unloaded. We are not yet clear when the rail congestion issues will be resolved but we have seen decreased ship to rail dwell time with our latest containers.

While it has been tight on a few occasions, we have been able to work together with our existing customers to maintain production through either suggesting alternative options that would do the job, or flying parts in some cases. IFE has also been able to help out many new customers by supporting them from unallocated inventory that we had in stock.

While inventories of finished goods are extremely low at the moment, we have a lot of product that is already manufactured and will arrive in our warehouse very soon. We expect to receive four containers within this month and that will allow us to fulfill any remaining backorders and begin to rebuild inventory. This material will also allow us to kick off projects with a number of new customers that have been patiently waiting for IFE to be in a position to support new projects.

Thank you for your patience and for working with us to find solutions during this difficult time. Hopefully the worst is behind us but please continue to let us know if you have any urgent requirements. Communication is very important and we are committed to continue to work hard to find solutions together with our customers.


Robert Ward
IFE Americas, Inc.
Office: +1 248 446 1900