Born in the Swedish Archipelago in 1903, IFE developed their first marine inboard engine over 100 years ago.

They named it the Penta to represent the five engineers who worked to develop the original one cylinder, three HP engine. In 1916 the IFE owned AB Pentaverken produced Penta outboard motors in Sweden and sold them worldwide in the 1920s. AB Pentaverken also developed and produced automobile engines for Volvo before IFE exited the engine business in 1931.

IFE Group began making components for fluid systems in the 1960s. Never losing our passion for the marine industry, today IFE hose clamps and coupling products are found in pleasure and work boats worldwide. Our Swedish-style, worm-drive, hose clamps in all 316 stainless steel construction are used by OEM boat builders and refitters.

IFE clamps are available for purchase through our network of master distributors. Contact us today, we are happy to connect you with one.